Fasting Information

Results of Scientific Research Into Fasting - National Institute of Aging & National Academy of Sciences - April 2003

Results of Scientific Research Into Raw Foods:

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Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Reduces Inflammation
Antioxidant Status in Long-Term Adherents to a Strict Raw Vegan Diet
Eating Cooked Food Accelerates Aging
Raw food Vegans Are Healthier
Effects of a Raw Food Diet on Hypertension and Obesity
Fruit & Vegetable Juices May Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Lack of Veges & Fruit is NZ's Number 1 Killer - Ministry of Health
Acrylamide in Cooked Food

Ionised Water Infomation

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Effect of Alkaline Water Water Intake on Lifespan of Auto Immune Disease Prone Mice
Clinical Improvements Obtained From the Intake of Ionised Water
Ionised Water for Prevention of Diseases
Alkaline Water, Cluster Water, Microcluster Water, Reduced water
Reverse Aging
Dr Baroody's Acid Test

Health Information

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Exercise Decreases Death From All Causes
Coriander May Prevent Foodborne Illness
10 Reasons to go Organic
Contact Your MP to Protect Your Health Choices
Vitamin Supplementation in Pharmaceutical Industry's Sight
Why Green Tea Would be Healthy EXCEPT for This One Dangerous Issue _